Lost & Found Pets

Lost Pets

If you lose your pet:

Found Pets

If you find a lost pet, please contact the Coralville Police Department Animal Control at 319.248.1800.
Dog and owner

Impounded Pets

Police and Animal Control Officers pick up stray and roaming animals. Animals found at large within Coralville are impounded at the Iowa City Animal Center. 

Officers are authorized to issue citations for animals at large. The citation is a summons to Court with the punishment and/or fine determined by the judge. In addition, every citizen has the right to pick up a stray animal and have it impounded by the Coralville Police Department.

If a found dog or cat is properly licensed and wearing their tag or identification, an attempt will be made to contact or locate the owner before impounding.

Animal Shelter Reclaim Fees

Reclaim Fee Amount  Impounds Within 12 Months
 $10 First offense
 $20 Second offense
 $40 Third offense
 $80 Fourth and subsequent offenses

Boarding Fees

 Boarding Fee Amount  When Applicable
 $10 per day If the owner fails to reclaim the pet within 24 hours after impounding

Reclaiming an Impounded Pet

Animals impounded in Coralville can be reclaimed at the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center, 3910 Napoleon Lane, Iowa City. The shelter takes precautions to ensure that impounded or lost pets are returned to their rightful owner.

Owners claiming and redeeming their pets:
  • Must provide proof of ownership such rabies vaccination records and license receipts
  • Are responsible for paying all impounding costs, maintenance, and boarding fees associated with that animal
For additional information and shelter hours, contact the Iowa City Animal Center at 319.356.5295 or visit the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center website.

Failure to Reclaim 

When an animal has been impounded, written notice shall be given no less than two days to the owner, if they are known. If an owner does not reclaim the animal within 5 days (or the owner cannot be located within 5 days), all rights to the animal will be forfeited and the animal becomes the property of the City. It may then be offered for adoption, transferred to another shelter, or disposed of in accordance with the law.