Training Options

Burn Building 

Our state-of-the-art burn building has five burn rooms. The building has three first-floor entrances and two second-level entrances. Multiple entrances on each level allow a variety of scenarios, including above and below grade fire attack. 

The building features a temperature monitoring system to ensure training is always conducted in safe conditions.
Burn building 2

Training Tower

The four-story training tower is equipped with a standpipe system, sprinkler system, and plumbed for imitation smoke. The building features an elevator shaft that spans from the third floor to the ground level. Movable walls allow the building to be set-up for a variety of training types and scenarios. 

The tower can also be used for rope rescue and rappelling. The building is well-suited for search and rescue training, and the attached two-story residential unit is ideal for law enforcement training.
tower 2

Confined Space Training

The confined-space tunnels and props offer training for those who make entry into permit-required confined spaces.

Training can be provided to both private industry and public emergency organizations.

Our tunnel system offers training that can be catered to meet many different needs.
confined space

Flammable Liquids Training

The flammable glass area is multi-functional. The system utilizes a water / gas mixture to simulate flammable spill fires.

The automobile simulator permits car fire training in a controlled atmosphere. The field also includes pumps, motors, and dumpster props.

Extrication Pad

The extrication pad is large enough to hold several vehicles and extrication equipment. This area allows fire personnel to set up extrication equipment on a clean, safe surface. The area is large enough for several groups to work at one time.

Helicopter Landing Zone

The facility offers a 50’ x 50’ helicopter landing zone. This allows for responders to practice loading patients into the helicopter from the emergency scene.
Landing Zone


The facility offers about an acre pond. This allows for responders to ice rescue, rescue diving and water rescue.  The pond also has a dry hydrant to practice drafting operations.