Pet Licenses

About Pet Licenses

Every cat and dog over the age of four months must obtain a pet license each calendar year or within 30 days of the animal being brought into the city.

Dogs and cats under the age of four months that are no longer with their dam but are too young to be immunized should have a temporary City ID tag. Temporary City ID tags expire five months from the date of birth of the cat or dog.

How to License a Pet

Purchase pet licenses at the Coralville Police Department from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. Present a current rabies certificate for each pet at the time of licensing.

How to License a Pet

1. Complete a Coralville pet license application for each animal requiring a license. 
Download Pet License Application (PDF)
2. Mail the application with payment and a copy of your dog's or cat’s rabies vaccination certificate to: 
Coralville Police Department
1503 5th St
Coralville, IA 52241
3. Note the following:
  • Check or money order only.
  • All pet license applications require a rabies vaccination certificate showing it to be valid through the license period.
  • In order to take advantage of the lower fee for spayed/neutered animals, a certificate displaying proof of spay/neuter must be provided at the time of application.
  • Vaccination records will be mailed back along with the City license tag and receipt. 

License Fees

License Amount  Type
 $1  Puppies and kittens four months or younger
 $5  Per year for all neutered male pets and spayed female pets over four months old
 $30  Per year for all unaltered animals over four months old
Senior citizens (60 years old and up) receive a 50% discount on licensing fees.

Expired Licenses

Thirty (30) days following the expiration of a license, a delinquent fee may be charged in addition to the annual license fee to any pet owner found in violation of the Coralville licensing ordinances. All licenses expire at the same time as the rabies vaccination unless otherwise stated.
Dog with license

When to Wear a License Tag

All pets, including cats, must wear the license tag at all times when the animal is off the owner's property, unless confined within an enclosed area of a motor vehicle. 

The license tag serves a dual purpose should your pet stray from home:  
  • It provides evidence the pet has been vaccinated against rabies.
  • It helps Animal Control Officers and others return a pet to the owner.
Shelters are full of animals with no ID because the owner thinks a tag is unnecessary as "my pet never leaves the house or yard." Please, be sure your pet is always wearing its tag. 

For More Information

The Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center is located at 3910 Napoleon Lane in Iowa City. To speak with staff at the shelter, call 319.356.5295, press "0" for the operator while the recording is played.