Rental Housing

Residential Rental Property
All leased or rental residential property in Coralville requires a permit and must be registered with the City of Coralville Housing Program.

  • Rental permits are not transferable from one owner or operator at any time prior to its expiration, termination or revocation. 
  • New rental property owners are required to register rental properties within thirty (30) calendar days of any conveyance or transfer of interest of the property. 
  • Unregistered rental properties or delinquent renewals are subject to additional fees and fines.

Rental Permits
Rental Permit Fee
All rental permits are $50 per unit.

How to Register a Rental Property
To register a rental property, complete a Rental Housing Permit Application.               
Rental Permit Application (PDF)

How to Renew a Rental Permit
All registered rental property owners receive a renewal notice during the month of November. Completed residential rental permit renewal applications and fees must be returned to the Coralville Community Development Department in City Hall no later than January 1 of the calendar year.               
Rental Permit Renewal Form (PDF)

Return completed residential rental permit renewal applications and fees to the Coralville Community Development Department in City Hall located at:
1512 7th St.
P.O. Box 5127
Coralville, IA 52241

Failure to renew a rental permit prior to February 1 of each calendar year will result in an additional $50 fee per unit with a maximum charge of $750.

Rental Inspections
Inspections of all rental units must be performed every three years. The City contacts the rental property owner to schedule the inspection.

An initial and first reinspection is included in the permit fee. Second re-inspections and each additional reinspection thereafter is $25 per dwelling unit. Dwelling units which pass the first inspection and have a good operating history (fewer than one violation in an inspection cycle) will be placed on a four year inspection cycle.

Rental Property Complaints
Maintenance Complaints
City of Coralville Rental Housing staff responds to property maintenance concerns of residents. If you have a property maintenance complaint, follow these steps:

  1. You must first contact the property owner and/or the property management company to allow them the opportunity to address a complaint. 
  2. If a property maintenance issue is not addressed in a timely matter, you can make a referral to the City at 319.248.1720 or City Housing staff will review the issue and determine whether the issue is a violation of the City Housing Code and/or the Property Maintenance Code. The City will also decide whether the property owner or tenant is responsible for the violation. 
  3. If the issue is a violation of City Code(s), the City will address the matter with the property owner or tenant(s). 

Tenant & Landlord Disputes
Tenant and landlord disputes not related to a City Housing Code violation are civil matters; these cannot be addressed by the City. City housing codes only address matters related to the maintenance and condition of housing units and property.

If you are a tenant who needs help with civil disputes such as rent, contracts, leases, deposits, billing, damages, and evictions; or if you feel you have experienced housing discrimination:

  • You are encouraged to contact a lawyer or Iowa Legal Aid. Iowa Legal Aid is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to income-eligible Iowans who could not otherwise afford legal assistance. 
  • To learn more about their services, and better understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, visit the Iowa Legal Aid Housing webpage. Language services are available.
  • If you are a University of Iowa Student, you can also access Student Legal Services for free. Their rental guide is a valuable source of information.

Contact Us

  1. Dawn Baker
    Rental Housing Program Coordinator

    1512 7th St.
    P.O. Box 5127
    Coralville, IA  52241

    Ph: 319.248.1720
    Fx: 319.248.1894

    Monday - Friday
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Short Term Rental Property
The short term rental ordinance allows Coralville homeowners to apply for a permit to rent their property for less than 90 days at a time. 

What is a Short Term Rental?
A “short term rental” is any property rented for less than 90 continuous days. 

Short term rental properties require a Rental Housing Permit when renting for more than 30 days (for the permit application, see "How to Register a Rental Property" on this page).

Can I rent my home as an Airbnb?
Renting your home for short stays, such as an Airbnb, is considered a "short term rental" and you need a Rental Housing Permit.  If your property is under a homeowner's association (HOA) or condo owner's association, check to see if the covenants allow property rentals or restrict short term rentals.

Short term rentals of residential properties are allowed if:

  • The property has a valid rental housing permit when renting more than 30 days, and
  • The property has passed rental inspection/housing safety compliance, and
  • The owner pays short term hotel/motel tax.

Under State law, cities may fine a property owner in violation of the ordinance a maximum of:

  • $750 for first violation
  • $1,000 per day the violation continues

Report a Concern
Report suspected rental housing licensing violations at 319.248.1720 or at