Supreme Flag League

Program Description

The Supreme Flag League is an NLF Flag league for the cities and surrounding communities of Coralville, North Liberty, and Tiffin. The mission of the Supreme Flag League is to provide an accessible, inclusive, active, organized and safe flag football league for boys and girls in first through eighth grade. The league emphasizes skill development, sportsmanship, total participation, and fun.

Teams & Placements

Teams are formed in North Liberty, Coralville and Tiffin. Youth are placed on the team in the city in which they registered.  All Coralville participants are placed on teams by school. If there are not enough kids signed up to make full roster, or more kids registered from a particular school than one roster allows, they will be assigned with another school.

Practices & Volunteers

In addition to the games on Sundays, there is another day of the week for practices (location and time will be chosen by your child’s coach). The last Sunday of the program will be Super Bowl Sunday where teams will play a game or games against another team at their ability level and teams will be recognized for participation and sportsmanship. Volunteer coaches are needed for this program.

Registration Information

Register online, in person at the Coralville Recreation Center, or by credit card over the phone at 319.248.1750.

  • Price: $75 Coralville residents, $93.75 non-residents
  • Mini Camps: Tuesday, August 15 and Thursday, August 17 will be mini camps for all SFL participants
  • Equipment: Each participant receives NFL FLAG reversible jersey and flag belt
  • Training Resources: Free USA Football memberships to coaches and players
  • Registration Deadline: August 7, 2023


August 15-October 22, 2023*

GradesDayLocationClass #
1-2SundayCoralville Youth Sports Park and Tiffin Rec Fields6250.300
3-4SundayCoralville Youth Sports Park and Tiffin Rec Fields
5-6SundayCoralville Youth Sports Park and Tiffin Rec Fields6250.302
 7-8SundayCoralville Youth Sports Park and Tiffin Rec Fields6250.303

*Sunday, August 27 is a designated scrimmage day.  Games begin on Sunday, September 10. No games or practices on Sunday, September 3.