Mayor's Clean Up Week

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Special Trash Collection Events
Each spring and fall, Coralville residents have two opportunities to get rid of extra trash for free: Cart à la Carte, and Mayor's Clean Up Week. 

Both are available to Coralville residents with city trash and recycling services (which serves single family and duplex housing, and some multi-plexes). If you live in an apartment or have a condo owner's association with private refuse services, call your provider to find out how to dispose of bulky items.

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Mayors Clean Up Week
Mayor's Clean Up Week 
For A Trash Item That Does Not Fit in Your Cart
During Mayor's Clean Up Week, City of Coralville trash customers can set a trash item at the curb that is no longer usable and too large to fit in your garbage cart for free garbage pickup. Some restrictions apply. See below. 

 Mayor's Clean Up Week Dates

  • Spring 2024: May 13-17
  • Fall 2024: October 7-11

How to Get Items Picked Up 

  1. During Mayor's Clean Up Week, set out an item too big for your cart at the curb up to 24 hours before or by 7:00 am on your trash collection day. 
  2. Smaller items belong in your cart. If your cart is full, place smaller items in a garbage bag and tag the extra bag as usual with a garbage sticker. Where to buy garbage stickers
  3. Do not dump loose small items on the ground. Small loose items left on the ground will not be picked up.
  4. Anything left at your curb after the pickup is considered unacceptable. Remove item(s) from the curb within 24 hours after trash day.
  5. Metal is picked up by a separate truck and may not occur on your regular collection day. 

What We Will (& Won't) Pick Up
A broken, unusable item too large for your garbage cart, such as a piece of broken furniture, carpet, or a bathroom fixture.

 Not Accepted 

  • Appliances*
  • Electronics*
  • Tires*
  • Cardboard
  • Concrete brick or block
  • Construction materials (including drywall, shingles, insulation, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste**
  • Hot tubs
  • Pallets
  • Railroad ties & landscaping timbers
  • Windows
  • Wooden swingsets
  • Small loose items left on the ground
*Picked up by appointment; the fee is added to your utility bill. Schedule a special pick-up
**Dispose of hazardous waste at the Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
For all other items, donate or reuse, or haul to the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center


  • Weight: Items must be able to be reasonably lifted by two people. We cannot collect heavier items.
  • Size: Items must fit in the back of the garbage truck. Dismantle large items. 
  • Quantity: Truck space is limited. We cannot pick up large quantities of bulky items from each household. Mayor's Clean Up Week is a free pickup service for a large item that belongs in the trash, but not a roomful of items.
  • Why We Don't Accept Some Items: The City will not collect any items hazardous to our trucks or staff. For example, long railroad ties can puncture the trucks' hopper and hydraulics. If you're unsure if your items are acceptable, please call 319.248.1740.
  • Dumping Items: Do not leave your garbage at other people's curbs. 
  • Trash Pickers: If someone helps themselves to your curbside items and leaves a mess behind, you are responsible for cleaning it up.

Other Items
Yard Waste & Extra Bags of Trash
As usual, tag extra bags of garbage, and put yard waste in a biodegradable Coralville yard waste bag or in a 33-gallon container with an annual yard waste sticker.

High volumes of garbage are collected during Mayor's Clean Up Week. Corrugated cardboard is banned from the landfill and must be flattened and recycled. Take cardboard to the Coralville Drive-In Recycling Center (212 1st Street) or any drop-off location in Johnson County. Learn about cardboard recycling

Learn More

Mayor's Clean Up Week and Cart à la Carte are for items that need to be thrown away and cannot be reused. Do not send usable items to the landfill.

Where to Donate Usable Items

Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Accepts furniture and building/housing materials. ReStore sells the items to be reused and proceeds support Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity; donations are tax-deductible. Items should be in reusable, resellable condition.
  • Free pickup or drop-off is available. 
  • Located at 2401 Scott Boulevard SE, Iowa City. 
  • To schedule a pickup or learn more, call 319.338.5687 or visit
Houses into Homes Program
  • Accepts new or gently used mattresses, box springs, furniture, and household items. Houses into Homes provides these items to families and individuals who are exiting homelessness, domestic violence, and other crisis situations.
  • Free pickup or drop-off is available.
  • To schedule a pickup or learn more, visit
  • Accepts new or gently used furniture, clothing, and household items to Goodwill for resale; check to see what items are accepted. Donations are tax-deductible.
  • Free drop-off is available in bins and at stores.
  • Learn more at
Coralville Recycle Swap Day
  • Donate or take clean, usable items as a form of recycling. Leftover items are donated to non-profit organizations.
  • Held one Saturday in the spring at Coralville City Hall.
  • Drop-off is available on the day of the event.
  • Learn more about Recycle Swap Day.

Cart a la carte

Cart à la Carte
One Extra Trash Cart Pickup
City of Coralville trash customers get their trash carts emptied one extra time for free in the spring and fall.

  • Place trash items in your cart and put your cart at the curb by 7:00 am on the special collection date listed below. 
  • This collection is in addition to the regular collection for that week. You will still have trash, recycling, and yard waste collection on your usual day.
  • Only one additional tagged bag, placed on top of the closed lid of the can, will be picked up. Tagged bags placed on the ground will not be picked up and require a special appointment.

Cart à la Carte Dates
Spring 2024:

  • Friday, May 3: for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday routes
  • Monday, May 6: for Thursday routes
Fall 2024:
  • Friday, September 27: for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday routes
  • Monday, September 30: for Thursday routes