Fees / Purchasing a Plot

Purchasing a Plot
Maps of available Oak Hill Cemetery plots are available at Coralville City Hall.  To purchase a plot or obtain historical information, call 319.248.1700. 

Description Price
Plot (Coralville Resident) $550 per plot
Plot (Non-Coralville Resident) $825 per plot
Grave Marking Fee $25 per plot
Monument Marking Fee $25 per monument

Selling a Plot
Plot owners may sell their plot(s) to other citizens.  A transfer fee of $25 is charged when a plot is transferred.  By state law, a plot may be sold for no more than its original price.  The records must then be updated at City Hall to reflect the transfer. 

A plot owner may sell a plot back to the City.  A $50 handling fee, per plot, will be subtracted from the original purchase price.  If the purchase price was less than $50, the purchase price amount will be the handling fee. 

Donating a Plot
Plot owners may donate their plot back to the City and the handling fee will be waived.

See City Code Ch. 115 for circumstances where right of interment can be terminated and the related process.