Commemorative Buttons

Celebrate Coralville's History

Each year, from 2013 until Coralville's 150th birthday in 2023, Coralville unveils a special limited edition, individually-numbered commemorative button. The annual button highlights a location, event, or person significant to Coralville's history.

Purchase a 2019 Button for $3

Two hundred and fifty individually-numbered pins are on sale beginning in mid-April at Coralville City Hall, 1512 7th St., while supplies last:
  • $3 each
  • $5 for two (any year)
  • $10 for seven (2013-2019)
Proceeds support Coralville Festivals including 4thFest, FRYfest, BrrrFest, and Aisle of Lights.
Buttons 2013 to 2015

About the Button Collection

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  3. 2017
  4. 2016
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  6. 2014
  7. 2013
About the Button Artwork: Coralville Fire Department
The Coralville Fire Department celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2019. Established in 1929, the department's first "fire truck" was a two-wheeled cart with 1,000 feet of hose, hitched to a vehicle or pulled by hand. 

In 1937, a fire truck was purchased to replace the hose cart. The 2019 button, with its vintage design and antique fire truck artwork, is reminiscent of the department's early years.

2019 button Fire Dept