Clear Creek Trail - Phases 6 & 7

Clear Creek Trail to Extend to Tiffin

The Clear Creek Trail runs south of Highway 6 along Clear Creek for 4.3 miles. The trail has been extended from east of Deer Creek Road to Creekside Ballpark; this extension opened in 2019.

Trail work north of I-80 involves crossing under multiple I-80 and I-380 bridges. Once those trail connections are complete, the Clear Creek Trail will
 connect with Tiffin's Clear Creek Trail west of I-380.

The trail segments that go under the I-80 and I-380 bridges are not expected to open until 2024 and there are no temporary connections. These segments will be constructed as part of the I-80/380 Systems Interchange project, and will be constructed after the new I-80 and I-380 bridges over Clear Creek are complete.


After all work is complete, the 1.9 mile section of trail will feature:
  • 10' wide paved trail
  • Two bridge crossings over Clear Creek
  • Multiple crossings under interstate bridges
  • Connection to Tiffin's Clear Creek Trail


  • Received $1,112,600 in federal funds
  • Bid in January 2018
  • Low bid: $1,758,552.84 (Iowa Bridge and Culvert of Washington, Iowa)


  • Start: March 2018
  • Estimated trail opening: The timeline for this project has been impacted by changes to the I-80/I-380 interchange bridge construction schedule. Connections under I-80 and I-380 will not be made until 2024.
Clear Creek Trail sign

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