Hybrid School Programs

About Coralville NESTS (NOT IN SESSION)

(Nurturing Every Student Together Safely)

Coralville worked with community partners to bring support services to families while the Iowa City Community School District used the hybrid school model. This program ended February 11, 2021, when the hybrid school model ended.

These all-day programs supported children in an all-day school service with wrap around before and after school age care services. The programs helped families when school was not fully in session at school locations by extending a helping hand to Nuture Every Student Together Safely (NESTS).

The programs focused on any or several of the following:
  • Adult supervision or assistance with academic learning
  • homework help
  • enrichment activities
  • access to community resources for other services
  • school age care
  • healthy snacks
Child and adults doing schoolwork
COVID-19: All programs required that a mask be worn. Social distancing and sanitizing practices were used.