Urban Chickens

Raising Backyard Chickens in Coralville

On November 10, 2020, the City Council passed Ordinance 2020-1012 allowing residents to keep up to six chickens (no roosters) in Coralville and passed a resolution setting the permit fee. Passing an ordinance was the first step in the process. Next, the City put a permitting process in place and began accepting permit applications in late March 2021.

Do Not Keep Chickens Without A Permit

Residents should not keep chickens before obtaining a permit. Residents may only keep chickens after their permit has been approved. Those who obtain chickens before permit approval will be issued a municipal citation.

Permit Required (opened spring 2021)

A permit is required raise or keep chickens within Coralville. To make sure that prospective chicken owners are prepared:
  • There are rules and regulations to obtain a permit.
  • There are requirements about where and how you can keep chickens in Coralville.
  • You must take a class about raising urban chickens. 
  • A property inspection is a required part of the permit process.

How to Apply

  1. Read and understand the Urban Chicken Ordinance (PDF). 
  2. Successfully complete the required training class about raising urban chickens. This class is available through Indian Creek Nature Center, 5300 Otis Road SE, Cedar Rapids, IA; 319.362.0664. You must show proof of completion when you apply for a permit. Take the Urban Chickens class
  3. Apply to get a permit and pay the permit fee, in addition to a one-time fee for leg bands. There are rules and regulations to get a permit. Complete the Urban Chicken Permit Application (PDF)

Chicken Leg Bands
All chickens are required to wear numbered leg bands for identification purposes.

  • Leg bands cost $5 per chicken.
  • Leg bands may be purchased when you apply or renew your chicken permit.
  • Replacement leg bands may be purchased separately if a band is lost or damaged OR if a chicken is sold, deceased, etc.
  • Residents may keep a maximum of 6 chickens and 6 leg bands.

Get Replacement Bands
1. Apply online for a replacement band

2. Mail check or money order to:
     Attn: Chicken Permits
     Coralville Police Department
     PO Box 5911
     Coralville, IA 52241

3. Leg bands will be mailed within 1-2 business days after the payment is received. 

License Fees

Fee Amount Type
$25.00 Permit application fee
$5.00 Chicken ID leg band (price per band; 1 band per chicken)