Do I need to trim my trees?
Property owners are responsible for trimming low-hanging tree and shrub branches. Trees and shrubs that encroach on streets and sidewalks can cause poor visibility, obstruct traffic signs and lights, contribute to accidents, and may be damaged by or cause damage to vehicles or pedestrians that cannot clear them. When the City prepares for winter snow removal, it is also important to keep trees trimmed so that streets are passable by snow plows.

City code (150.13) requires a minimum clearance of 15 feet over streets and 9 feet over sidewalks; in addition, limbs should not hang over the curb line.

The City inspects low-hanging trees and shrubs on a complaint basis, and leaves a “Code Compliance Notice” when trimming is needed. Property owners are given a date by which to correct the violation. For more information, please contact the Coralville Streets Department at 319.248.1740.

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