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Coralville Holiday Lights Map

  1. 'Tis the Season

    Do you know of a holiday light display in Coralville that others might enjoy? Is your home decked for the holidays? Spread the good cheer! Submit the address (and photos if you like) to be added to Coralville's annual holiday lights online map.

    From yards with simple decorations to elaborate displays, we want to hear about them all!  This map is only possible with community participation.

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  4. Provide any special notes about the decorations. This may be included in the public map.

  5. This will not be made public. This may be used in future years to contact you for updates for the Holiday Lights Map list.

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    The Coralville holiday lights map will be at beginning in December. Our elves will update the map as submissions are received; please allow at least two business days to be added. The deadline for submissions is December 19.

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