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Outdoor Skating Pond

Admission Fee


Status: As of March 20, 2023, the skating pond is closed due to thawing conditions. The status may change at any time due to weather or ice conditions.

About the Outdoor Skating Pond

The outdoor skating pond is located east of the Muddy Creek Bridge and Kate Wickham Elementary School on the Brown Deer Golf Club.  The rink is opened and closed after inspections by the Coralville parks staff. Users should also check the ice before skating.

You Should Know

  • Do not use when the CLOSED sign is posted.
  • Use at your own risk. An adult should always check the ice for self or for minors before skating. 
  • Ice that is cracking, heaving, or has water around edges should not be used. 
  • Do not use if the ice is covered with snow. By using the ice before it is cleaned, it makes it hard to make the ice smooth again. 
  • Enter and exit ice from west side of ice only, indicated by the fencing chute.  
  • No ice fishing or drilling into ice.
  • Be aware of stray hockey pucks.  First come, first activity prevails.


  • No parking on Oakdale Boulevard.
  • Parking available after 3:30 pm weekdays and all day on weekends at Wickham Elementary, or park on Brown Deer Road.  


Ice sports have an inherent risk including falls, head injuries, and breaking through the ice into deep water.  By using the ice rink, user takes responsibility and understands these risks.